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Where technology
powers movements

As the backbone of global trade, the impact of logistics is undeniable in today’s fast paced world. As consumers increasingly demand both customisation and speed, logistics companies must be competent in managing volumes of real time data while serving customer needs.

To this end, Ligi Logistics employs world class systems that accelerate our business performance to match the evolving needs of your business.

Our systems evolve with your business to provide greater synergies for success

As part of our promise for customer excellence we ensure to deploy the best systems and technologies to offer a truly seamless experience and complete transparency throughout your value chain. While this enables us to continually adopt to best practices in the industry, it helps our customers make informed decisions about the movement of their goods resulting in better synergies and lower costs across their supply chain.

Our technology framework offers end to end collaboration and visibility across your supply chain

Our single integrated systems are built on cutting edge technology to provide complete transparency across the supply chain process. Inventory Modules track the movement of your products helping understand sales trends and product costs. Warehousing Systems help with stock control, optimise order management, automate purchase orders and track deliveries.

Supply chain management modules make it possible to plan, control, and execute processes to assist manufacturing and distribution of finished goods. Transportation modules plan and optimize the physical movement of goods and delivery routes and help manage fleets of vehicles. Automated reports based on key performance indicators (KPI) along with budgeting and forecasting elements form part of the Financial Reporting Modules of our system.